MANILA, Philippines — On the commemoration of the Cry of Pugad Lawin — in which revolutionary leader Andres Bonifacio and the Katipuneros tore their cedulas as a gesture of dissent against the Spanish government — youth leaders, led by Anakbayan-Metro Manila, staged a press conference calling for the protection of our national sovereignty, in defiance to the increasing US-China intervention and the nearing Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit to be hosted in Manila this November.

“We declare this day as ‘Araw ng Pagpalag’ or ‘Day of Defiance’. Utter defiance is needed to defend our sovereignty the way our brave Katipuneros fought for the country’s freedom against Spanish colonisation,” said Anakbayan-Metro Manila Spokesperson Christian Lloyd Magsoy.

APEC is a multilateral organization composed of countries from Asia-Pacific region to foster free trade and economic prosperity. Among its economic-members are the US and China. Describing APEC as an “epic fail,” Magsoy pointed out President Aquino’s K to 12 program as one of the manifestations of neoliberal policies that will only perpetuate the interests of the dominating few.

Magsoy added, “while US and China are projected rival countries, their collaboration to maintain their hegemony makes them worse than what Filipinos have experiences under Hispanic rule.”

The group urges Filipino youth to realise the need to defend the country’s sovereignty and show stern opposition to the increasing dominance of US and China that proves a threat to Philippine self-determination.

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