Residents of Happyland, Tondo cheered victoriously when Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) announced that they will have an inspection after having notified of the resumption of illegal operations of RockEnergy International and Energy Supplies Chain Solutions, Inc. in the closed door meeting with Pull Out Coalition alliance yesterday.

In 2014, a closure order was sanctioned by the local city government of Manila to the coaldust stockpile facility in Port Area, Tondo due to the health and environment hazards it poses.

Regardless, companies resumed its operations a month after.

The coaldust contains heavy metals and toxic elements that causes health problems to the residents living near the vicinity of the coaldust stockpile warehouse.

Only this January 27, a 6 year-old boy died of black lung disease.

“The doctor saw in his tests and files that the coaldust had covered the phlegm in his lungs which made it difficult for the doctor to remove the mucus,” explained by his mother, Jocelyn.

The picket protest in front of the DENR central office proved to be a success to the immediate call for the pull out of coaldust stockpile, said the residents.

“Were it not for the protest, the DENR officials would not have known of the illegal operation of Rock Energy and Energies Supplies.” said Enrique Lozada Sr., Chairperson of Alyansa ng Nagkakaisang Residente ng Happyland Laban sa Coal.

“We will continue the call for the pull-out until they are not kicked-out of our community,” he reiterated.