Productions and Programs

Social Documentaries

TUDLA produces social documentaries to educate, persuade and provide commentary on a broad range of social issues that are present and prevailing in a society, taking on the people’s stance in the process. In partnership with people’s organizations, TUDLA has produced 7 major documentaries on sectoral issues and national campaigns.



Short videos that show a particular event or activity in a strategic campaign or long-standing pursuit of the people. These newsreels not only tell the news but also chronicles the history of people’s struggle in the process.


Pitik-Mulat Documentary Photography Visit and Exhibit

A gathering of student, hobbyists, and professional photographers set out on an exposure trip and photo shoot in an indigent community to produce photos representative of the times. The activity culminates in exhibits – in physical and virtual spaces – viewed and brought to people from all walks of life.


Pandayang Lino Brocka Political Film and New Media Festival

The Pandayang Lino Brocka aims to gather all forms of audiovisual works on socio-political themes in the country and bring these films to where the masses are concentrated: schools, communities and workplaces. As tribute to the late Lino Brocka, this venture ultimately aims to inspire the resurgence of relevant, artistic and truthful works that voices out the needs and welfare of the people.


Youth Press Freedom Forum

A series of forums tackling responsible journalism, advocacy for press freedom, freedom of expression and information for a nationalist, scientific and mass oriented media.


Citizen Patrol

A citizen journalism and reporting effort to engage people to report on their issues especially those not reached or picked up by the commercial media.


Volunteer Program

TUDLA invites students and practitioners to be part of TUDLA and enjoy continuous newsreel and documentary productions, regular artistic workshops and educational discussions. TUDLA has held numerous NSTP-CWTS, arts integration programs, etc. – programs which include community integration and output-based media training.


Production House

TUDLA produces audiovisual presentations for campaigns, projects and other purposes.


Workshops, Forums and Discussions

To further develop the form and content of its work, TUDLA holds monthly artistic workshops coupled with discussion on current social issues. These workshops and discussions are open to all who would like to be part or train with TUDLA.

In other occasions, TUDLA also holds talks, forums and discussions on media, culture, and the arts vis-à-vis current social issues.