In commemoration of the Philippine Independence Day, the newly-formed patriotic movement, Pilipinong Nagkakaisa para sa Soberanya (P1NAS), and various sectoral groups protested in front the Chinese Consulate and US Embassy calling on China and the US to end political and economic interventions that threaten Philippine independence and sovereignty.

To aid the struggle for national independence, the patriotic movement has vowed to use people’s democracy and people power as the groundwork against Chinese occupation in Philippine seas and US intervention. In a statement, P1NAS said that “China should immediately stop its reclamation and harassment activities in the West Philippine Sea while the US should stop its increasing military deployment in the region. Both big powers should keep their hands off the Philippines.”

Leaders from several sectoral groups have also clamored their sentiments over the expansive effect of imperialist agendas on other societal issues such as the accessible quality education, national industrialization and genuine agrarian reform.

The group vowed to hold more education campaigns and protest actions to resist the escalating activities of China and US in the Philippine seas and demand the Philippine government to take action against threats to the sovereignty and national self-determination of the Philippines.






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