Families of victims of enforced disappearance or desaparacidos gathered in Plaza Miranda on All Souls’ Day to remember their loved ones, light candles and offer flowers. Under the Noynoy Aquino administration, there have been 21 victims of abduction perpetrated by state security forces and has since added up to the numbers of desaparacidos since the Marcos dictatorship. During the activity, families of desaparacidos wrote letters to Pope Francis asking for help to seek justice for their loved ones. According to Desaparacidos (Pamilya ng Desaparacidos para sa Katarungan), they have followed the statements of Pope Francis on justice and human rights. For them, it is an opportunity for the families to voice out the injustices and human rights violations in the Philippines.

The Pope will visit the Philippines on January 2015 to visit typhoon Yolanda ravaged areas in the Visayas.

Photos by Erika Cruz