On May 27, Gabriela held a dialogue with Vice-Mayor Joy Belmonte regarding Ordinance 2171, also known as “No Home Birthing Policy,” at the Quezon City Hall. The policy enforces “facility-based” child delivery in hospitals, and prohibits any form of home birthing.

The women’s group, Gabriela, believes that the ordinance stomps on the birthing rights of mothers who are not capable of paying for the healthcare facilities, and hospital charges and requirements. Mothers started campaigning for the repeal of the said “anti-poor” policy last May 10 and organized a press conference in front of Damayan Barangay Hall. Hoping to heed their call for its revocation, members of Gabriela presented testimonies proving the inaccessibility of lying-in clinics, especially for rearing mothers from indigent communities.

On the other hand, Quezon City local government posits that the policy safeguards the health of mothers before, during and after birthing. Steadfast in implementing the policy, they assured consistent communication with mothers from different barangays to improve the provisions enclosed in the ordinance.