Blood pressures were rising on a Monday morning.

Progressive groups staged a mobilization to express rage over President Noynoy Aquino’s veto action on the proposal to raise social security pensions by P2000 across-the-board.

The protest led by national labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) was joined by a crowd of senior citizens and workers – pensioners and would-be pensioners alike – in a march to Mendiola and a brief program of solidarity statements.

The mob called on members of the Congress and Senate to take a stand and override Aquino’s veto, who has since proposed the compromise of a P500 or P1000 hike.

According to KMU, more protest actions should be expected in various SSS agencies nationwide.

Workers and senior citizens march to Mendiola to call for improvements of the pension system.

Heartless. In the absence of the hike, pensioners live on receiving P40 a day, barely enough to cover the average senior citizen’s medical needs.

Workers share a stake in the issue: wages are often slashed for contributions to the pension fund. Pensions have had no increase since 1997.

The elderly take their dismay to the streets, despite weak knees and the heat of the sun.

A group of women join the program at Mendiola, in condemnation of Aquino’s veto action on the proposed pension hike.

Progressive groups stand firm in the demand for a P2000 pension hike instead of taking compromises.

Text and photos by Christelle Delvo.