A united demand for President Aquino’s immediate resignation stirred various people’s organizations, sectoral groups and personalities to Mendiola, marching from various points in Metro Manila. The latest survey from Pulse Asia shows that people are greatly disappointed by the Aquino administration’s cumulated failures in advancing the majority’s interests during his five years of governance. In addition, a growing number of people are now open to the idea of his stepping down from office.

Noynoy Out Now (NOW!), a coalition of groups and individuals who seek to overthrow the President, organized numerous activities for the continuous call of ousting Aquino from the presidency, to be replaced by a “People’s Council for Unity, Reform and Peace.” According to the group, the drive for a People’s Council is a lesson learned from previous mass protests and actions that successfully ended the regimes of Marcos and Estrada.

Teddy Casiño, convener of NOW! believes that “the clamor for change starting with the President’s resignation is surely growing. The surveys reflect this as do the growing number of people expressing disgust at the government and joining protest actions. Many are also doubtful if the 2016 elections will lead to real changes in the political and economic system. Thus NOW!’s call for regime change is gaining”.