A video documentary on the devastation brought by the Philippine National Railways Moodernization nad Rehabilitation Program to the lives and livelihood of thousands of urban poor residing alongside the railroad tracks.

Produced by Tudla Multimedia Network (now Tudla Productions) in 2005
In cooperation with Ecumenical Institute for Education Labor and Research (EILER) and Mayday Productions

Directed by Emil Mercado
Written by Jewel Maranan
Executive Producers: Vic Pasco, Nino Tagaro
Assistant Director: Dette-c Uy
Camera: Budo de Guzman, Bam Luneta, Redi Mendoza, Darlene Menese, Emil Mercado, Jun Ressureccion, Onin Tagaro
Production Manager: Jona Cham
Editors: Emil Mercado, Onin Tagaro
Narrator: Jewel Maranan
Music by Musicians for Peace, Sining Bugkos