Human Rights and Social Justice

Tudla Productions is a network of young, creative, passionate media practitioners who are first and foremost advocates of human rights and social justice. These beliefs reflect in all our works and programs. We take an uncompromising stand for the interests of the people and the general public where they are concerned.

The group also works for the active promotion of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Press Freedom

Tudla Productions held Disquiet in December 9, 2009, a solidarity night of media workers in the face of Martial Law in Maguindanao and the Maguindanao massacre where 32 journalists were killed on November 23, 2009.

On the first year of the massacre, the 2×3 feet poster on the right were posted on the streets of España, Mendiola and Recto in Manila as a reminder of the massacre, where justice is yet to be served.

Alternative Media

Alternative media is not only independently-produced media, but also media that gives voice to the people and works with the people for a responsible, responsive, purposive and nationalistic media.

Tudla aims to develop programs for dissemination of public information in human rights, health, law and other relevant , daily concerns of the people through creative media.

In 2008, Tudla Productions launched Walk This Way, a campaign calling on students to venture into alternative media. In 2011, the group launched Citizen Patrol, a citizen’s journalism and reporting program.