The fight for justice and accountability over the fire incident at Kentex Manufacturing Corporation ensues as survivors and family members hold a commemoration program for the victims one month after the said tragedy.

Family members of the fire victims, survivors and supporters shared tales of encouragement and support in search of justice amid the loss and struggle. In action, an alliance, Justice for Kentex Workers, was formed to mobilize the filing of cases and tracking of hearings until justice is still not served. In light of the one of the worst factory fire in the Philippines, the workers’ group, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), calls for safe workplaces and the junking of contractualization to defend and protect the rights of Filipino workers.

The tragedy is also said to expose a number of offenses that workers are at most disadvantaged – one being the violations of occupational health and safety (OHS). The group reiterates that this safety measure is a task of the national government to ensure that all factories abide and comply.

To continue the commemoration, people held a symbolic march from Brgy. Hall of Ugong to Kentex factory which was followed by a candle lighting event demanding accountability from owners, Beato Ang and Ong King Guan, and the national government.